Ken 'Starch(formerly 'Starchee during The Covenant) is a Sangheili that is the father of Shadow The Hedgehog and later became an Elite Zealot when he enlisted The Covenant. At the time he became best friends with the first Arbiter of The Covenant Ripa Moramee and later fought with him during the year of 2014 against the UNSC. However in 2016 as Ken was attempting to tell The Covenant about the rapid widespread Metaler species, Ripa incorrectly discovers Ken about him giving information about The Covenant to the UNSC. Ripa turns against Ken, offends him and strips him from the Covenant empire forever leaving Ken confused and resented, he serves as a supporting character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl Crossover.

History Edit

In the year 2015, while accepting to join The Covenant, Ken decided to live his life on Earth began to learn history of the middle ages of the Knight Order and the ancient Explorers species from one of the elderly people