Cliffjumper is a minor character that is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl Crossover. He is an Autobot that was a member of Bumblebee's Team in which his duty was to scan and patrol threats across the world. Unfortunately he was killed the Forerunners being led by Commander Lochagos whilst exploring the environment of Yucatec Maya in his debut of the fifth episode Legends Of The Metalers. His corpse is later consumed by the Metalers and is reanimated as an Metaler.

Biography Edit

Cliffjumper was hired by Optimus Prime to be a member of Bumblebee's team and was assigned to patrol Earth to scan any threats lurking around. One day Cliffjumper headed to the Yucatán Peninsula hearing reports of people and animals having sightings of lava like creatures lurking around. As he heads their, he explores the ruins of mayan buildings where he begins to hear noises from the forests. As Cliffjumper approaches it, he is attacked by a group of Promethean Forerunners, he begins to mistake them as forces of Covenant. Surrounded by massive waves of Forerunners, Cliffjumper is left no choice but to fight his way out through the powerful army. As Cliffjumper fights waves of Promethean Forerunners, he is ambushed by massive waves of Promethean Knights. Due to the powerful technology of the Forerunners being of composed of hard light, Cliffjumper is severely damaged by the Prometheans and is captured and taken on a Forerunner base. Cliffjumper then meets Lochagos, the commander of the Forerunners, who begins to interrogate him into asking what he knows about the Metalers during the Metaler outbreak on Cybertron. With Cliffjumper refusing to answer the information of the Metalers, Lochagos challenges him to a battle in which Cliffjumper accepted. During the fight, as he fights Lochagos, he is easily defeated by Lochagos and is even obliterated by the vicious forerunner commander.

Quotes Edit

"Who are these guys attacking me? Hunters, Elites fighting for the Covenant? No wait they aren't made of lava, fire, or something very hot like that"

-Cliffjumper upon encountering the Forerunners in the Yucatán Peninsula